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  Welcome to Melissa McCarthy Source, you oldest resource for actress Melissa McCarthy. Most recently known for her breakout, Oscar nominated role in "Bridesmaids", she's been seen on the big screen in Tammy, The Heat and in summer of 2015 in Spy Movie. On the small screen, she is also known for her roles on Gilmore Girls, Samantha Who and currently stars on the CBS show, Mike & Molly.

Colleen   Feb 7, 2018

Here’s hoping President Donald Trump tweets about Melissa McCarthy being a no-show at tonight’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards, when she won her second Emmy for her fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live, in which she wowed America and knotted Trump’s knickers with her Unhinged Spicey portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

McCarthy’s Spicer parody so rattled the White House, it began to pull Spicer from his role as question-taker at press briefings with Sarah Huckabee Sanders often filling in. Then, the White House went even further and began to not televise its briefings, lest SNL cast someone in the Sanders role.


Colleen   Sep 12, 2017

Colleen   May 15, 2017

Melissa McCarthy’s filmography includes roles such as a ghost-catcher, spy, and cop, so it comes as no surprise that the Oscar-nominated actress will be honored with the Powerhouse award by the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival. Variety broke the news.
“Ghostbusters,” “Spy,” “The Heat,” “Identity Thief,” and “Tammy” are among the action-packed films McCarthy has starred in.
“Melissa has epitomized female action heroes in countless films,” the festival commented. “She has always embraced characters who are physically empowered — even when they make us laugh.”
“Our film festival seeks to redefine the image of women, not just on screen, but in culture as well,” emphasized Melanie Wise, the festival’s founder. “Our official hashtag is #womenkickass, and we try to convey that sensibility in everything that we do.”
McCarthy will be presented with the honor on the fest’s opening night, April 20. Other women set to be honored at the third edition of the fest include McCarthy’s stuntwoman Luci Romberg, actress Nichelle Nichols (“Star Trek”), and former MMA star and actress Gina Carano (“Deadpool”).


Colleen   Apr 14, 2017

Colleen   Mar 15, 2017

Sookie remains mostly absent from the revival — at one point, her husband Jackson says she got so distracted investigating if a sprout in their backyard was edible that she missed the town’s international food festival — and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino doesn’t take long to explain why. The sad Stars Hollow truth is that Sookie left Lorelai, Michel, and the Dragonfly Inn that she and Lorelai started together so she could take a six-month turned two-year sabbatical in the woods at Dan Barber’s Blue Hill Farms cultivating the evolution of fruits and veggies. Or, as Michel explains it, “trying to grow a pineapple out of a coat rack.”

We learn in the first episode, “Winter,” that Lorelai’s unsurprisingly been experiencing some serious separation anxiety and going through a revolving door of celebrity pop-up chefs — Roy Choi, David Chang, Anthony Bourdain, Ina Garten, April Bloomfield, Alice Waters, and eventually Rachael Ray — to no avail.


Colleen   Nov 27, 2016

Colleen   Jul 25, 2016

Tuesdy is the day to get The Boss on DVD!

Colleen   Jul 23, 2016

HOLCOMB: “Welcome to Seattle.”

MCCARTHY: “Thank you, finally!”

HOLCOMB: “I’m glad that our weather could be so stereotypical for you today…”

MCCARTHY: “But you know what, it’s exactly what I wanted. I don’t know if anyone who lives here wants that, but it’s cool, kind of fall-ish and misty. I woke up and saw the water, it’s exactly what I wanted.”

HOLCOMB: “You had previous jobs as a Starbucks barista and as an oyster shucker?”

MCCARTHY: “I really did. I should’ve lived here. I have a feeling at some point in my life, I will live here.”

Full Interview

Colleen   Jul 23, 2016

Melissa has done a TON of interviews this week, so here’s a recap of all the ones I have found.
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Colleen   Jul 10, 2016